Services we offer

“Our inventory services suits to every client needs”

What do we do ??

  • Physical inventory (and asset tags): Our consultants go to client installations to work directly on the ground, always with accurate and clear objectives and scope.
  • Financial reconciliation: In this process we identify the differences between financial statements of the company and the reality shown in the inventory process.
  • Future asset management: We support our clients in their future asset management. The scope of our collaborations may vary depending on client needs. We normally use our own technology or we adapt to clients procedures and instruments if necessary

Who calls us?

  • Financial and Administrations departments.
  • IT Departments.
  • Retail departments.
  • Others.

Inventory and assets labelling

Our consultants move to every client location included in the scope. There, we proceed to:

  • Label the assets: tags with a barcode system.
  • Gather inventory data.
  • Asign assets to locations / cost centers.

In the development of physical inventory, our objectives are clear and accurate:

  • To know what the client has.
  • Identify the fixed-assets situation of our client.
  • Centralize the fixed-assets management.

Financial reconciliation

In this process we identify the differences between financial statements of the company and its physical reality:

Our consultants:

  • Are specialized in financial reconciliation and asset appraisal.
  • Have wide knowledge about International Accounting Standards.
  • Accumulate experience in financial auditing in the fixed-assets field.

Aplicación de gestión de activos

Our consultants have developed the software A.M.A (Asset Management Application) oriented to asset management including physical and financial aspects. It is also capable to interface with ERP installed in clients

Fixed Assets Management

  • We support our clients in their fixed assets future management..
  • The scope of collaborations depends on clients needs: from procedures for assets management to overall solutions.
  • We have in-house self-technology for asset management.

We personalize tags with an appropriate and functional design

Customized tags with a suitable design Our tags contains all the required information for clients needs

We use specific tags for every environment, with the aim of perdurability:

  • Suitable adhesive.
  • Resistant material.
  • Customized lay-out.

In conducting physical inventories our objectives are clear and precise:

  • Label the assets with barcode tags.
  • Data gathering on the field.
  • Assignment to cost centre.
  • Location.

Asset Management Application A.M.A

Physical Issues:

  • Wide asset description.
  • Asset physical location.
  • Dynamism.

Financial Issues

  • Cost and Depreciation assignment.
  • Budget forecast.
  • International reporting.